Queen's Club Casino


NEARLY one half of Star City Casino's employees have been threatened with violence in the past year, their union said today.

The Liquor Hospitality and Miscellaneous Workers Union (LHMU) said there had been a steady increase in the threats to staff by unhappy patrons of the Sydney casino.

Employees endured comments like "If I had a gun, I'd kill you now" or "I'll be waiting for you at 4am" and there had been instances of physical abuse, LHMU casino union official Tim Ferrari said.

In calling for improved security at the casino, Mr Ferrari said the union did not want to wait until a Star City worker was seriously injured or killed.

He said patrons were able to enter the casino with knives and guns because, unlike staff, they underwent little or no security screening.

The union wants sophisticated walk-through recognition equipment installed to identify the presence of weapons.

The security issue was part of a list of union demands for a new enterprise agreement that include a 10 per cent increase in wages.
Talks on the agreement begin next week.